5 Foolproof Tips For A Healthy Relationship
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5 Foolproof Tips For A Happy And Healthy Relationship

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

5 Foolproof Tips For A Happy And Healthy Relationship

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However instinctive it may be- as evolutionists claim- to choose the right mate and enter a relationship, equally difficult, as it turns out – it is to maintain it.

Once the novelty wears out, the sweatpants come out, complacency accumulates like a layer of decades-old dust, and relationships become a bit of a drag. 

Hey, I’m not saying that’s entirely a bad thing. There are relationships that get better after the 7-year-itch, and then there are those that don’t make it past it. So, if you are at a low point right now, when it comes to your relationship, and are perhaps wondering where it all went wrong, then you should keep reading.  

And as you read on, take this opportunity to analyse your relationship. Here are 5 foolproof tips for a happy relationship that will tell you, if you’re going wrong somewhere or acing it like a champ:

1. Don’t let passion die:

While it’s nearly impossible to be like the first year of your courtship, you can still keep the romance alive by doing little things like Netflix binge, Saturday dinner, jigsaw puzzles et cetera, together. The important part here is that you do things together because couples that play together, stay together. 

Tips For A Healthy Relationship

2. Share your deepest feelings:

This is NOT an easy task, especially for some. Some of us don’t take 2 seconds to pen down a poem for our partner, while the others have to struggle to express simple emotions. It’s not that they don’t feel it; they just don’t know how to put it into words. But trust me, it’s worth the hard work. 

Don’t bring your ego into your relationship and share what you really, truly, genuinely feel. Tell them if someone makes you feel threatened or insecure. Sharing your top-most feelings like anger or frustration are relatively less complicated than sharing the deeper ones like loneliness, disappointment, or rejection. All your emotions are totally valid. So, don't think it. Just share!

3. Keep technology at bay and bae closer:

Agree on a ‘no phones in bed’ rule. It seems like an unreasonable task to follow through, but it gets easier…and slowly, even begins to make a lot of sense. This one rule alone has saved many relationships. So, let there be no conjecture before you’ve at least tried it for a week. Same with laptops, cameras, Kindles and so on…reflect, recognise, and correct any behaviour that you may see as an addiction that may be taking away from your relationship.

Tips For A Healthy Relationship

4. Take a mental vacation together:

I know that there is a lot going on in your life at the moment, but work, friends, and other commitments can wait for an hour or 2 every day. Scary? Try it for yourself! Spare an hour every day as ‘love time’ and be fully present while spending time with your partner in chatting, cooking, cuddling…the options are endless. But the key is to say no to all distractions, whatsoever. 

5. Let go of unvoiced expectations:

One word: Communicate. While your partner may know your deepest secrets, it is not possible for them to know the workings of your mind at all times. If you expect them to do something, the best way to go about it is to share. Simple! That way, your partner will make sure to not disappoint you. 

With that, I consider you officially graduated from the ‘school of keeping relationships hot’. You are now prepared for a life of absolute bliss and fulfilling sex…as long as you keep the above exercises in mind and bring them to practice. All good things in life take hard work, but you know what? If you love your partner and they love you, then your relationship is absolutely worth it!

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