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5 Reasons That May Be Making Your Vagina Stink

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

5 Reasons That May Be Making Your Vagina Stink

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Ladies, ladies, ladies.

Your down-belows are supposed to smell a certain way, and there’s no shame in that. All of us have a distinctive smell – a flavour, if you may. Credits to God for really spending time on making us truly unique in many ways, one of which is our vajajay. No two vaginas look, smell or behave alike. But having said that, sometimes a lack of hygiene can cause this distinctive smell to become more…stinky.

It’s important to be able to distinguish this stench from your usual smell. So, I hope you are spending time with yourself, lovely ladies. How can others love your vagina, if you don’t love it yourself? Seriously, for medical reasons – do it.

On that note, if you have recently noticed your vagina to be smelling rather funny, here are the 5 reasons that may be making your vagina stink:

Reasons For Vaginal Odor

1. Bacterial or yeast infection:

If you experience excessive vaginal discharge, cotton-cheese-like discharge, fishy odour, itching, burning sensation or pain in the area, then you may be suffering from either bacterial or yeast infection. Thankfully, both these scenarios are almost innocent and can be treated with over the counter medicines. But they do call for a visit to the gynaecologist, so the right treatment can be provided.

2. Sweat:

No reason to be embarrassed. If you’re an active woman, you are bound to be sweaty! Ain’t no shame in that! For such situations, doctors generally advise washing the genital area with warm water once or twice a day. Wear loose, cotton underwear of a breathable fit and at night, go commando. Just let your vagina breathe.

3. STDs:

Sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, and chlamydia come with many symptoms, one of which is vaginal odour. The other symptoms may vary with the condition – some of which could be green discharge, irregular bleeding, sores, and whatnot. But all that aside, if you have unusual vaginal odour, a visit to the gynaecologist is a must!

Reasons For Vaginal Odor

4. Condom or lubricant:

It doesn’t have to be you, but some women are known to be sensitive to certain ingredients used in the condom or lubricant, like glycerine or latex. So, this leads to a change in the vaginal pH, an overgrowth of undesirable pathogens and vaginal odour. Watch how your vagina reacts to condoms and lubes, and if you do experience odour, pain or excessive discharge right after sex, reach out to a gynaecologist.

5. Bad memory:

Let me clarify – being forgetful won’t directly give you a stinky cooch…unless you forget something inside, the most common of which is tampons. Believe me when I tell you, forgotten make-up pads, tampons, tissue wads are a common part of porn stars’ nightmare sex stories. Every porn star has one. It sounds silly, but women do forget tampons inside from time to time, putting themselves at a colossal risk of toxic shock syndrome – which is a deadly condition. So, if you notice a stench, think back and see if you put a bread in the toaster and forgot.

Now remember: Vaginas are naturally supposed to smell, thanks to a unique concoction of bacterial species down there that play a role in keeping everything healthy down there. Every biome is distinctive. So, like I said, every woman has a characteristic scent. Therefore, it is important for you to know what you smell like and be in synchrony with your cycle. Don’t be afraid to consult a doctor if you have even doubt that something may be amiss.  A check-up won’t hurt and who knows, you might learn a few new things about your vagina from the gynaecologist.

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