9 Reasons Why Stress Management Is Important
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9 Reasons Why You Need To Manage Your Stress

Mental Wellbeing
3 min read

9 Reasons Why You Need To Manage Your Stress

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You are going to be cortisol-averse by the time you’re done reading this.

Stress is not something far away which you can tend to tomorrow, or in the time to come. If you’re going to wait till the effects of this stress surface on the top layer on your body, it will get harder, and reduce your chances of winning the battle. You cannot avoid stress at all times, but knowing your switch-off button might help you tackle it better, and save you from several chronic diseases. Still not convinced?

Here are 9 big reasons why you should manage the stress in your life:

  1. Immune system – Stress impacts your immune system, and with lower immunity, your body falls prey to many more illnesses with greater frequency and intensity. This is not just limited to the regular cold and cough, but may also lead to more serious ailments like stomach ulcers.
  2. Cardiovascular response – Stress contributes to a pounding heart and increased blood pressure. Stress, and the resulting hormones, damage your arteries, which leads to plaque buildup, or atherosclerosis. This makes it difficult to pump blood to the heart, and increases the risk of heart attacks.
  3. Brain health – Stress has the power to shrink your brain, and even kill some of your brain cells. Research suggests that stress impacts your hippocampus, the part which is responsible for your memory and learning. So the saying that stress makes you stupid is not completely wrong, it does make you forget things you know perfectly well!
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4. Mental health – Stress negatively impacts your mental wellbeing. It influences how susceptible you are to giving in to addiction, to psychiatric disorders, how easily you fall into depression, and much more. If you pass on this stress to your children (by bringing them up in a stressful environment), then the impact is even deeper on their mental wellbeing.

5. Depression – Stress can make you depressed, leave you feeling miserable, cause extreme mood swings, and ruin your performance. Stress also kills dopamine, a neurotransmitter produced by your brain which binds with receptors in the brain to signal pleasure.

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6. Life expectancy – Stress accelerates the shortening of telomere, the structures that caps our chromosomes and protects their tips from fraying. Normally, these telomeres reduce as we age, but stress has the same effect on our chromosomes, when prolonged. Hence, we age faster and reach our end line much earlier.

7. Weight gain – Stress affects how you put on weight, and where you put it on. Most of the weight that is put on in and around your lower abdomen is caused by stress. This area of weight gain is more harmful than weight gained in any other part of your body. Stress may lead to obesity, even in cases where people don’t overeat as a response to stress.

8. Well-being of foetus – Stress impacts the health and the life of your foetus. Research shows that people who were in the womb during a calamity are more prone to cardiovascular diseases, temperamental troubles, and other health ailments. It is not for no reason that pregnant women are asked to be happy and stay away from stress and its triggers. It directly impacts the health and attitude of the baby in the womb.

9. Physical beauty – Stress leads to hair fall, acne, dark circles, dull skin…you name it, and it is on the list. Everything that you try to enhance and protect with your beauty regime, goes for a toss because of stress.

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It is time you stop undermining the power stress has, to overtake and halt your life. Do not get worked up in its company, rather, accept its presence in your life and figure out ways to control it. Remember, controlled stress is stimulation, so find the route to your inner self, and use it to your advantage.

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