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The Best Sex Positions That Hit The G-Spot Big Time

Lakshmi Devan
2 min read

The Best Sex Positions That Hit The G-Spot Big Time

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Let me begin by telling you straight up that the very existence of G-spot is a contentious matter.

Many a time, studies claimed to have found this grail while some other times, researchers shrugged blankly and admitted their decade-long research to be inconclusive.

Quick fun fact:  Do you know what the ‘g’ in ‘G-spot’ stands for?

What is the G-spot?

The full form of G-spot is Gräfenberg spot, named after German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who is well-known for his work on IUDs and the role of urethra in female orgasms. According to popular literature, G-spot is “a bean-shaped erogenous area of the vagina that, when stimulated, may lead to strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and potential female ejaculation.”

For some reason, scientifically obscure but psychologically fair, we all like to think that the G-spot exists. I mean, to have such a spot would make things easier in the bedroom, isn’t it? Just hit the G-spot and you have it – the ultimate key to female orgasms. However, the truth remains that to a scarily high number of women in the world, orgasms remain like the Loch Ness monster – mysterious, elusive, and baffling.

Best G-Spot Sex Position


The great-grandniece of Napoleon Bonaparte suffered from "frigidity", meaning that she just couldn’t orgasm. She spent an overwhelming time of her life, therefore, researching the secrets to female orgasms. She found that the ideal distance for orgasms between the clitoris and vagina is 2.5 centimetres.

She even underwent 2 surgeries about 90 years ago trying to bring her clitoris closer to her vagina…only ending up scarred.  She quit her work altogether. Was she close to cracking the code? We’ll never know.

For all we know, just as how certain physical attributes make Michael Phelps a swimming champion, maybe certain characteristics make women more (or less) likely to orgasm. There also exist evolutionary theories that claim that orgasms in women serve no function. It is merely a by-product of the male orgasm, as both genders share the same genital nerve tissue as foetus.

Elisabeth Lloyd, a professor of history, philosophical science and biology at the Indiana University, studied 80 years of previous sex research in her 2005 book, "The Case of the Female Orgasm” and said, “It is perfectly normal not to have orgasms and there were lots of women in evolutionary time, who had no orgasms and it had no impact on their fertility.”

Well, whether the G-spot exists or not, assuming it does (God, please let us have this)… here are 5 positions that will help you hit that spot big time:

Best G-Spot Sex Position

    1. Dirty doggy: If the G-spot is where it is believed to be, a good position to hit it would be the good ol’ doggy. The woman needs to be on her fours and the man, behind her, on his knees. Something is to be said about doing it from behind that makes you feel naughty.
    2. Sexy spoons: This is for the lazy, Netflix-and-chill kind of souls who want to have sex but keep things mellow at the same time while not compromising on orgasms. Too ambitious? Well, it is possible with the spooning technique. Both partners lie on their sides, with the woman in front with her top leg lifted up. This position also makes it easier for him to reach in front and fondle you simultaneously.
    3. Love the lap: With your back facing him and your legs straddling his thighs while he lies with legs stretched straight on bed, lower yourself onto him. This helps the woman stay in control and move around more as she pleases, upping the chances of hitting that sweet spot.
    4. Desk dance: Too adventurous? That’s good, because I have just the position for you. The woman lies on her back by the edge of a desk (you can get more creative), so her lower half is just hanging over the edge. The man stands facing you, supporting your legs that are straddled around his waist, as he enters you slowly and intensely. This is quite a pleasurable position for the man because he gets to have a good, clear view of you.
Now you don’t have to fake orgasms anymore.

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