Weekend Workout: 5 Painless Ways To Exercise
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Weekend Workout: 5 Painless Ways To Exercise

Mansi Kohli
2 min read

Weekend Workout: 5 Painless Ways To Exercise

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The problem with all good things in life is that they come with some pain...or a lot. Thankfully, we’ve got the hack - painless exercise. Here’s how.

You’ve joined a gym, or maybe dedicated an hour of workout at home. Good for you, and we are proud of you! But in most cases, people who join a workout routine are very excited in the beginning, only for the enthusiasm to taper off.

This could be because of various reasons – lack of time, lack of enthusiasm, no workout buddy, and yes, mostly because of early workout pains. The moment your loose muscles and fat tissues in the body are made to do a certain routine each day, they start aching, which is normal for the first few days. But don’t give up!

We tell you 5 painless ways to stick to that workout routine from today.

1. Take the stairs –

Pledge to take the stairs for a month at work or at home, instead of the elevator. This is because taking the stairs makes you burn more calories and keeps you fit, and there’s hardly any pain involved. Cardio benefits are aplenty when you take the stairs, say experts.

Start with a flight of stairs at work today, and increase the flight by 1 each week, or as per your comfort. A good mini-workout right before your meetings will surely work wonders!

5 Painless Ways To Exercise

2. Walk to work –

If not the whole 8 kilometres, you should walk at least 1. If you do so, you painlessly work the body into a light but effective exercise routine. Your visual senses will be treated to the goodness around too. Chalk out different routes per week, and allocate time for the same.Walk a few blocks to the destination you choose, and let the body get healthier without the painful task of burning it out on a treadmill.

3. Bike your way to college/work –

Why spend money on a stationary bike when you can dust the old bike at home and take it out for a spin each day? Did you know, workplaces across the West prefer their employees biking to work, rather than bringing in their own cars?

Such companies hand out reduced health insurance policies and premiums as rewards. You can also form a college biking group, create biking paths with colleagues and friends, and avoid the traffic rush and jam each day. In addition to that, biking is a great way to get those beefy legs, firm calves, and a slimmer waist and butt – what’s your excuse not to bike to work tomorrow?

5 Painless Ways To Exercise

4. Go out and play –

Every evening, take a walk by the park with your kids and your pet, and play ball with them. If your daily gym routine or workout at home isn’t interesting enough, toss a frisbee with the little ones, play a sport with them, or just run around. You get to spend quality time with your nearest ones, and have fun too. This not only motivates you to burn your daily dose of calories, but also encourages the whole family to work out.

5. Do something new –

Exercises don’t only mean pumping iron and running on a treadmill, which can quickly become boring. Broaden your perspective when it comes to working out, and think of a new way to make fitness your solace. Be it CrossFit training or boxing, Pilates or belly dancing, pole dancing or Zumba, just give it a go.

5 Painless Ways To Exercise

Experts say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, so go ahead and give it a try! Just don’t sit around and sip green tea, wondering why your belly fat isn’t leaving you, not when you have many more ways other than these 5 to have fun with, while burning calories!

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