How To Be Happy At Work: Top 14 Ways
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Top 14 Ways To Be Happy At Work

Mental Wellbeing
Dr. Khoobsurat Najma
3 min read

Top 14 Ways To Be Happy At Work

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Happiness is something we are born with, but as we grow we get so caught up in the daily hassles of life that we forget how to keep ourselves happy.

Most of the times we continue to push ourselves to the extreme and test our limits. Then a day comes when we realize that we are not happy. The golden rule to staying happy and being productive is when you choose to work at something that you truly love. That way you will be able to handle most of your work related stress efficiently.

Here are some effective steps towards staying happy at work:

1. Learn to compartmentalize

Make sure you keep your personal and professional life separate. Chances are that there may be an overlap every now and then, but the more you learn to keep the two aspects of your life apart, the better you will be able to handle each and every situation at work and in your personal life.

2. Make your health a priority

Take care of your overall health and wellbeing. Stay physically active and opt for daily exercise regimen. Exercise helps release serotonin that improves the mood and helps in keeping your spirits high. At work, try to move for 5 minutes after spending an hour or so at desk. Pay close attention to your mental well being. Practice deep breathing exercises at workplace to relieve stress.

3. Try to focus on the present

Try to focus on present as much as you can. All of us have a plan about our future. But try and avoid over thinking and looking too far ahead. This is because in doing so, you may lose the benefits of living in the present. Present is where all the inspiration, conversation, peace, happiness and success lie. Live each day as it comes and enjoy each day to the fullest. Reward yourself for small tasks that you finish on time, be kind to yourself and focus on achieving small but meaningful goals.

Be Happy At Work

4. Get rid of procrastination

Always keep in mind that procrastination is the thief of time. Never let it become a habit. Do not waste any opportunity that is aimed at making your work life meaningful. Be open to learn, explore and step out of your comfort zone. Make it a habit to set a timeline for tasks and try and get them done on time. Self discipline is an effective way of achieving more and being happy.

5. Acknowledge your failure

Just as you cherish your moments of success, learn to acknowledge failure. You may be surprised now but as you look back, you will realize that t is your failures that have the capacity to teach you much more than your success. Just accept your failure with dignity and try to learn as much as you can from it.

6. Don’t hesitate to ask

Have the courage to seek answers to your doubts and apprehensions, not only at your workplace but also in your personal life. Ask questions even in your own head, that way you will stay away from self doubt and you will have a better clarity of things. Instead of assuming, it is always better to ask.

7. Keep a bucket list

Have aspirations. Keep a list of things that you want to gift yourself and gradually tick those things off. This will give you a sense of achievement. Reward yourself over weekends by going for a nice meal, relaxing in a spa or taking a mini-vacation.

Be Happy At Work

8. Set realistic goals

Make sure your goals are realistic; otherwise they will find a way of beating you up. Set out by picking the easier targets and work your way towards the harder ones. This will give you a sense of achievement. Keep track of your daily, weekly and monthly goals. Brainstorm about ways to improve your productivity. This will keep you stress free and happy.

9. Let go of stress

Make no room for anxiety and fear. Most of the things that you worry about won’t even happen. So stop stressing about such things. Address the situation that is stressing you out, work on the situation and get it out of the way.

10. Inspire those around you

Try and be a source of inspiration to those around you by choosing to be empathetic, kind, warm, respectful and professional.

Be Happy At Work

11. Be realistic

In your projects, be honest about what you expect and the desired outcome. It is not necessary that everyone is on the same page as you. So understand that everyone will not feel the same as you. Be open to meaningful and honest conversations with your peers and competitors. They will respect your honesty and integrity and this will give you a sense of respect, satisfaction and happiness.

12. Accept

Accept the fact that hat you are not always right. If you think that way, you will limit your own horizons and end up being sad.

13. Remind yourself

Look in the mirror when you get ready in the morning and remind yourself that you love what you do. The moment when you think you can no longer admit that you love your job should be an indicator for you to change your path.

Be Happy At Work

14. Why so serious?

You do not have to put up a serious face all the time. Make your workplace lively with funny anecdotes and light hearted banter. Bond with happy people. Go for a quick walk outside office with your friends or unwind over lunch break to share work experiences. By surrounding yourself with happy people, you will stay away from a toxic work environment and will tend to stay happy and blissful.

There is no denying the fact that your workplace can make you feel stressed, overburdened and low form time to time. However, by choosing to opt for a positive approach towards life and tackling solutions more effectively, you can make sure that you are productive and cheerful at work. Just in case you feel things are not working for you or you feel that you are no longer able to cope with the negativity of your workplace, speak to your co-workers or your boss. Be open about your apprehensions and stress triggers. If your organization values what you do, they will make sure that you have a healthy work-life balance. If everything fails, do not hesitate to quit. Remember that quitting is not a sign of weakness. It requires enormous amount of courage to let go. Choose a better and healthier work environment. You live only once, so make sure you make it worthwhile!

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