Understanding Vaginal Dryness: Why Are You Not Wet Enough?
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Understanding Vaginal Dryness: Why Are You Not Wet Enough?

Lakshmi Devan
3 min read

Understanding Vaginal Dryness: Why Are You Not Wet Enough?

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Have you ever put on a sheer nightgown, lit up expensive scented candles, decorated your bed with rose petals, sipped endless glasses of champagne, and ogled at your hot, shirtless partner and still thought, “Why is my vagina dry?”

‘Getting wet’ doesn’t come naturally to every woman. There are women who experience an overabundance of lubrication- getting wet at the drop of a hat, often having to change their panties several times a day. Then, there are others who need 5 pints of beer, 7 cloves of garlic, 1 baby elephant, 3 deep fried Korean chicken wings, and human sacrifice to even feel a drop of wetness down there. I’m here to talk about the latter category of ladies today. 

Firstly, I feel your pain. Secondly, vaginal dryness does not only mean a lack of sexual attraction. There are many other factors that may be leading you to be dry down there, making sex uncomfortable and pleasure-less.  That’s right. There are numerous causes of vaginal dryness. So, today let’s sort the matter out once and for all. 

Here are 5 causes of vaginal dryness:

1. Breastfeeding:

Oestrogen and progesterone levels crash right after the delivery. This is because these hormones- that are key to the development of the baby- are not required anymore. Also, oestrogen hinders milk production.  For all these reasons, these hormones recede in order to encourage milk production in the mammary glands. A small side effect of this is vaginal dryness.

2. Hormonal imbalance:

Oestrogen is responsible for keeping the vagina well lubricated. Therefore, any hormonal imbalances (like in polycystic ovarian syndrome) or changes (like in menopause) that lead to a decline in oestrogen levels, will naturally lead to vaginal dryness and discomfort. This may also be followed by vaginal itching and burning.

3. Medication:

Certain types of medications, especially antidepressants, are notorious for causing a decrease in libido and vaginal lubrication. Such medications may also come in the way of orgasms. Other common drugs such as antihistamines (prescribed for flu and allergies) do their job by drying up secretions. Unfortunately, that also means that your vaginal secretion might be affected.

4. Products:

I know so many women who make this mistake. There are too many enticing vagina whitening, tightening, and God-knows-what products available in the market. I know you only mean to pamper your lady bits, but you might just be doing the opposite. Before letting any soap, intimate wash, douching solution, deodorant or other products near your genitals, you must be absolutely sure of its chemical composition. If you like, run it by your gynaecologist – even better! Harsh chemicals are known to cause irritation, itching, burning, and dryness in the vaginal area. 

5. Stress:

Oh, didn’t you know? 

Stress is the biggest ‘cock block’ ever. It is common knowledge that stress comes in the way of erections for men. What people don’t know is that stress also sets off a cascade of undesirable changes in the female body, coming in the way of arousal and orgasm. This may happen in many ways, each effect acting as a contributing factor- 

Stress may trigger inflammatory processes in the body, impeding blood flow or nervous connections in the body. It could also simply lead to a mental block in women, putting them off emotionally or mentally. Click here to know what celebrity life coach and strategic interventionist, Nidhika Bahl, has to say about tackling stress. 

How to get wet for sex

Depending on what the cause behind vaginal dryness in each unique case, the remedy and treatment your doctor may recommend would vary. Nonetheless, here are a few common remedies that have worked for people in the past:
  1. In cases of vaginal dryness caused by low oestrogen levels, topical oestrogen creams, intra-vaginal capsules, or vaginal rings that deliver oestrogen in small doses may work.
  2. During sex, the generous use of lubricants (I recommend the water-based variety)may help relieve dryness and discomfort during sex, temporarily. 
  3. Consuming foods rich in phytoestrogen – compounds that behave like oestrogen in the body – may help alleviate vaginal dryness to an extent. A few examples of such foods are soy, nuts, tofu, and seeds. 
  4. If your vaginal dryness is merely due to certain products you might be using, then changing to milder, organic products might be the solution. 
  5. Intimate wear made of tight, synthetic fabric may are notorious for irritating the sensitive genital area and causing irritation. Therefore, avoid wearing tight underwear. Choose cotton to allow your vagina to breathe freely and lubricate happily.
Vaginal dryness affects millions of women worldwide, and often comes and goes. But if your symptoms are accompanied by other unexplained symptoms like spotting, abdominal pain, foul odour, itchy bumps, patches, or lesions in the genital region, then it is best to consult a physician at the earliest. 

PS: Don’t be stingy with lubricants. There is no such thing as too much lube; ask a porn star and they’ll agree.

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